James 4 Mayor

Hi, I am James Berg and I am running for Mayor on behalf of you. With an education in health sciences, I’m a career frontline worker as a Registered Respiratory Care Practitioner. As a resident, self-taught small business owner in Suisun City, and community advocate, I have experienced many perspectives to our city’s issues.

Code enforcement will lead to better

  • City cleanliness
  • Less homelessness
  • Help the city budget
  • Improve resident moral

Fiscal responsibility will

  • Fix roads with money designated for roads
  • Prepare us for big expenditures i.e., dredging, roads, landscaping
  • Make smart decisions with empty parcels
  • Disclose transparency on where our money flows
  • Move towards specific funds and away from general funds

Approach homelessness with creativity

  • Stop incentivizing homelessness
  • Prioritize our residents to create a stronger family nucleus to deter future homelessness
  • Create a humanitarian and effective way to solve homelessness

Create stronger families and schools

  • Provide opportunities for families to grow and strengthen
  • Support school boards to ensure student safety and a nurturing education


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